What’s your favourite way to cook?


It can be quite frustrating to decide on the best way to cook your meal, as there are a lot of options that you can choose from. The three most used techniques in cooking are Steaming, Slow Cooking and Oven Cooking. It helps to know the benefits of using each method before you can decide which one will suit you better.

Steam Cooking

steam cooking

Steam cooking is one of the oldest methods for cooking, with records going back to ancient China. It can be used to prepare rice, meat, vegetables and other products. Recently a lot of studies conducted have come to the conclusion that while steaming, most of the nutritional content of the food is preserved, as compared to other techniques of making food.

It has been called the healthier option of making food, with nutritionists recommending it to get the proper vitamin intake. Some people get conscious about using oil in their foods, as it increases lipid intake, with steam cooking you don’t have to use any oil. There aren’t any cross flavours that can disrupt the serenity of the dish with this method.

Steaming vegetables maintains their colour and vitality. And while other methods may disrupt the original shape and texture of a food, steaming doesn’t alter it. While also being a relatively “cleaner” process, it saves you the trouble of having to clean much.

Slow Cooking

Slow cooker cooking although may not be suited to every type of food preparation, it does have many benefits.

  • The extended cooking time helps create more flavorful dishes
  • Some foods tend to get scorched while cooking, slow cooking prevents this from happening.
  • Less expensive or tough meats, such as chuck steaks or roast and less lean stewing beef, are tenderized through the long cooking process. Venison dishes are usually made from this method.
  • The slow cooker frees up your stove for other uses, and it can be an ideal method when you have large gatherings.
  • Not many utensils are required in the preparation process
  • This method utilizes less energy than standard electric cookers.
  • Convenience! A slow cooker can usually be left unattended all day for many recipes. You can put recipe ingredients in it before going to work and come home to a meal. A slow cooker meal is an excellent choice for a busy day, whether you work in or out of your home.

Oven Cooking

Over the recent years there have been many different types of ovens that have come into the culinary world, conventional ovens, microwave ovens, convection ovens and halogen ovens. Here we will discuss the benefits of using a convection oven, which uses air circulation through a fan to better cook food.

It offers a faster cooking time, as compared to other methods. It utilizes the fan mechanism, and is quickly preheated and may be beneficial to commercial as well as home kitchens where time is of the essence.

The depth of flavours are considerable while using an oven. With the heat evenly distributing the cooking and increasing the taste of the dish. Overall ovens have a low running cost and are great for larger batches.


We hope you have found this information useful and will help you as you experiment with other dishes in your kitchen. Of course, you can use all three types on cooking we have mentioned above in combinations depending on the meal.

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