Kitchen inspiration or just TV entertainment?

Cooking programmes have increased in popularity in the UK and one of the most popular ones has been Come Dine with Me which first began broadcasting in January 2005.


The show’s format consists of usually 4 or 5 people who host a dinner party based around a three-course meal. Alongside this they are also tasked to provide a little light entertainment. However, the judgement of the attending guests is based mainly on the quality of the taste and presentation of the food.

Each contestant of the show must cook a three-course meal. At each dinner party the other contestants that aren’t cooking score the host’s meal out of 10. The person with the highest score wins a prize of £1000.

The show is usually entertaining and is narrated with some sarcastic wit and comedy by a comedian called Dave Lamb.

The popularity of the program has seen it now run for over 13 years and has so far produced 41 series.

The show is now broadcast in many countries around the world and has to date recorded over 200 episodes. That’s a lot of food and many different menus!

There are some amusing translations or let’s say different titles of the show around the world. For example, in Quebec it’s called “An Almost Perfect Dinner”. In Hungary it’s called a “Fish on the cake”!  But maybe the most obvious translation is the Finnish one aptly named “rate My Dinner in Finland”!


The show has featured many different specials as well including celebrity Christmas specials, footballer specials, a WAGS special and an election special too.

There have also been many different celebrity specials including game show, Big Brother and Coronation Street.

There have been some highly amusing episodes as well as many culinary kitchen disasters. The popularity though has not waned and so the program remains strong.


The programme of course features many different kitchens in fact there’s probably been over 1000 kitchens now featured on the show. This can be a great source of inspiration and the opportunity to see many different kitchen set-ups and styles. This in turn, allows people that are looking for a new kitchen to see what may work for them and provides some inspiration and ideas.

If you want to host the perfect dinner party, then you should talk to us. The foundation of a good kitchen party is the area where you will prepare all the food and have the right tools to hand.

It’s about being organised and being efficient in the kitchen. Great kitchen layouts allow you to do that. Once you have that, then it’s just down to the cook! We won’t be there for you for that! But if you come along to our next kitchen demonstration when the Faddle Fair is on and see our kitchen food demonstrations, you just might get inspired to host your very own extra special dinner party and get 10 out of 10 from your guests!


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