Kitchen Faux Pas

The Good, the Bad and the not so Lovely

Over the years there really have been some unfortunate kitchen designs. Here, we list some of the bad designs and compare them to their modern-day counterparts that we enjoy today.

Tiled Worktops

For a while it was reasonably trendy to have a tiled worktop. Although initially these looked quite nice, it didn’t take long for them to become cracked or the grout to become stained and discoloured. This looked unsightly and could provide a breeding ground for unfriendly bacteria to form and reside.

Today’s modern kitchen seems a lifetime away from that old look and it’s probably best that those tiled worktops are resigned to the past and hopefully never resurface! Modern worktops and kitchens are more about sleek, clean lines, with less opportunity for bacteria to hide. There are many different types of materials and finishes available for worktops including granite and marble. They look superb, are easy to keep clean and more hygienic.

Distressed Cabinets

Not so long ago many people opted for a country style kitchen and this included distressed style cabinets. This was very fashionable at the time, but this design certainly became undesirable. The sleek finishes that are available today make it easy to see why this design has succumbed to the scrapheap.

distressed kitchen cabinets

German kitchens from Leicht and Masterclass Kitchens from the UK offer such a wide choice of finishes that when the two styles are compared it’s hard to believe it really wasn’t that long ago that the distressed cabinet look was fashionable!

Wooden it be good

There was also a time when an abundance of wood could be found in kitchens, whether that was wood painted in a colour to match the worktops and cabinets or left with a natural stain. Wood was used on the walls, cabinets, floors and even ceilings!

The modern-day preference is favoured by a better use of beautiful materials. Yes, wood can look great in a kitchen but can be used far more subtly, to provide a classier finish.

Do you really want that furniture there?

Unusual furniture could also often be found in kitchens. These items would often include desks and chairs more suited to an office and although may have seemed a bright idea at the time, these items provided an opportunity for kitchen clutter to appear nearby.

Compare this to the sleek lines and clutter free worktops of the modern-day kitchen and they really are incomparable.

Is that colour really an option?

Yes, kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and colours. We all have our favourite colours, but let’s just say that some colours could simply trigger a migraine with very little effort!

bad coloured kitchen

Compare the above to some of the beautiful designs, like the kitchen below, integrated with subtle lighting and you have a dream space that has an air of calmness about it and won’t have you reaching for the paracetamol.

So, if you don’t wish to create a modern-day kitchen faux pas, make sure you give us a call to book your appointment and see how we can transform your kitchen into a work of joy and beauty.

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