How green is my kitchen?

It’s common knowledge now we are trying to be more energy efficient as a nation. With the introduction of recycling and more efficient products for the home there is an opportunity for us to ensure we are doing our best when considering the environment in the home, particularly in the kitchen.


Here we talk about how you can do your best to go greener in the kitchen.

Going greener in the kitchen

If you’re considering a new kitchen or just looking to go greener and save energy there are ways that you can improve your kitchen efficiency and therefore reduce your utility bills while also having a positive impact on your personal carbon footprint.


New appliances

If you haven’t updated your appliances for a while you will have seen that many of them are now graded with an A and then a number of +’s after the A. For example, A++.

This gives you an indication of how energy efficient a kitchen appliance will be. The more +’s the greater the efficiency.

To begin with, you can look at changing your cooker, washing machine or tumble dryer etc. but when you do, you should also consider the energy rating.

There are also efficiency improvements on other kitchen products, for example a kettle that highlight and measure just one or two cups of water to boil, so you aren’t wasting energy and thus providing most efficiency.

One of the most surprising facts we discovered about efficient appliances for the kitchen is a dishwasher. They can use 40% less water than washing dishes by hand so an upgrade to your dishwasher or simply by using it can have less effect on the environment.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a great way of reducing the energy consumption in your kitchen as well as providing beautiful bright light. Statistics show that LED bulbs use around 90% less energy than a traditional bulb. They are usually much brighter and provide a more “natural” looking light. Not forgetting that there many more modern designs.

Be smart with your kitchen design

Think about employing an experienced kitchen designer. They can help you integrate many of the above features into your kitchen.

There are also many clever gadgets that are available when planning the design concept for your new kitchen or makeover. For example, integrated recycling bins which fit snugly into a kitchen unit and keep any unsightly clutter away from the eye whilst also being very sanitary.


Save the planet and reduce your bills

What’s not to like? You can reduce your carbon footprint and be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your part for the environment as well as paying less for your energy. It’s a win win. So, talk to us today to see how we can help you with a beautiful kitchen while simultaneously helping to reduce the effect on our planet!


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