Different types of food and drink that we have in the kitchen at Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but what makes it so special? The expectations, the decorations and of course the vast array of food and drink that we have in our kitchens during the festive period.

These are the things that contribute to Christmas and make this time of the year special. Any occasion is incomplete without the food, but there seems to be a stronger emphasis at Christmas. This is the time to celebrate with the ones that you love.

Most families have their own traditions and values for Christmas and each family has its own plans on how to spend Christmas. However, most prefer to spend quality time with their loved ones and have special meals and drinks at this beautiful time. For this reason, kitchens are filled with delicious food during the festive season. Often, older generations and senior family members have their own special recipes that have been passed down the generations.


Here is a list of just a few of those extra-special foods that we enjoy at this special time of year.

Christmas cake:

When we talk about cakes, it is an undeniable fact that the Christmas cake is a long-standing tradition. Christmas cakes add that special comfort food for either just a nibble or as a sweet enjoyed after a meal.



In America, Turkey is also enjoyed in November at Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  Trends have seen different meats be served at the table at Christmas, including duck, beef and the older tradition of the goose. But turkey remains top of people’s wish list as their preferred meat of choice for their Christmas meal. Statistics show that 87% of the people in the UK believe that turkey is still a vital part of Christmas.


Mulled wine:

Although not promoted by the wine connoisseur, it appears that the tradition of drinking mulled wine is ever popular. You can buy it pre-made at the supermarket or wine merchant but you can also make it yourself. By adding sweet spices and citrus fruits while heating the wine you can create a unique, warming beverage.


Brussels sprouts:

So, here’s the controversial one! The marmite of vegetables. Many people hate them, but there are some that love these vegetables even if only at this time of year. Perhaps this part of the Christmas feast needs a little more thought in the preparation and way it is cooked? There are some great recipes that really improve the taste and presentation. These include chestnuts and bacon for example. For some people, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with a brussel sprout!



It is the American Christmas beverage that is gaining significance outside the US as well. It is also known as egg-milk punch and is a creamy, eggy, alcoholic drink that consists of eggs, milk, cream and alcohol. Many people are seen enjoying it including the stars of reality TV shows and Instagrammers.  It is also being embraced by the younger generation (over 18’s of course for the alcohol versions)


Christmas cookies:

Festive cookies are a special part of the Christmas period to bake and eat. Many families have their own tradition when it comes to preparing the cookies, some prefer simple sugar cookies while some go for gingerbread men style. So, get creative and let the kids explore what can be achieved from their imagination.


Christmas ham:

Another dish that is prepared is the Christmas ham. Though the ham tradition began in Germany, it is now enjoyed across the world. The ham is usually first boiled and then given a glaze of honey, mustard and brown sugar and then baked to finish off. But there are many recipes available to try and suit all tastes.


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