How the family comes together at Christmas in the kitchen

Christmas is just around the corner. Many people are preparing for the events. Most families prefer to buy all the gifts at least 3 to 4 weeks before the celebration to ensure they are organised. Some people like to shop online for convenience, but many people still enjoy the experience of physically shopping, to touch … Continued

Lifestyle changes in the kitchen

THE VEGETARIAN KITCHEN With more people opting for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods, there has been a growing question as to how we can make our kitchen friendlier towards such a lifestyle. Kitchens usually have an overall focus on the items that you need to cook your meals, which means that there isn’t really a … Continued

What’s your favourite way to cook?

STEAMING, SLOW COOKING OR OVEN COOKING It can be quite frustrating to decide on the best way to cook your meal, as there are a lot of options that you can choose from. The three most used techniques in cooking are Steaming, Slow Cooking and Oven Cooking. It helps to know the benefits of using … Continued

The Modern Kitchen

How Technology is Changing Kitchen Culture Once upon a time, the kitchen was a place where technology was frowned upon, our mothers would scold us if we brought our game boy in the sacred sanctuary of the kitchen. But the old school way of running a kitchen has slowly faded away, like in all walks … Continued

Kitchen inspiration or just TV entertainment?

Cooking programmes have increased in popularity in the UK and one of the most popular ones has been Come Dine with Me which first began broadcasting in January 2005.   The show’s format consists of usually 4 or 5 people who host a dinner party based around a three-course meal. Alongside this they are also … Continued

Kitchen Clutter Problems?

Kitchen Clutter – It can creep up you! It seems like yesterday your kitchen was gleaming and clutter free. So, what’s happened? How has your kitchen suddenly become an area full of clutter? Let’s be honest there so many gadgets, different pots and pans and utensils available these days, if you’re limited by storage in … Continued

How green is my kitchen?

It’s common knowledge now we are trying to be more energy efficient as a nation. With the introduction of recycling and more efficient products for the home there is an opportunity for us to ensure we are doing our best when considering the environment in the home, particularly in the kitchen.   Here we talk … Continued

The Faddle Fair is on again!

The Faddle Fair is happening again in St John’s Street and we are open with a Cookery Demonstration The Faddle Fair is happening again on Sunday 26th August 2018. We are also opening to showcase some of our beautiful kitchens available     We will also be having a cooking demonstration by an expert from Siemens. … Continued

Masterclass Kitchens

When it comes to kitchens manufactured in the UK, Masterclass Kitchens are considered one of the best. They have won several Awards recently including Best Overall Kitchen Brand – 2016 BKU Awards and the EKBB Editor’s Choice Kitchen Furniture – 2017 ek & business Awards Masterclass offer Classic, Shaker, Modern Style Kitchens and they have … Continued

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