High Tech in the kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets It seems that high-tech is really making its way into the kitchen. There are already a multitude of gadgets available throughout the home with the specific purpose of making our lives easier. You may already have seen Bluetooth scales and Bluetooth toothbrushes in the bathroom and now it is time to welcome many … Continued

What to look for in new kitchen knives?

If you have ever shopped for kitchen knives or even glanced in a cook shop, you will know that they can be extremely expensive. This makes buying them a little intimidating – which knives do you need? What if you buy the wrong one and never use it? And could you opt for a less … Continued

Filling the hole Bake Off left in your home

For many people, the end of the Great British Bake Off didn’t only leave a gap in their TV viewing schedule but also left them with a desire to try some of the delicious recipes that they saw on the show. Not everyone is prepared to be the next Mary Berry with a kitchen stocked … Continued

Is there a best type of sink?

The kitchen sink is one of the most important components in the kitchen used for everything from cleaning dishes to food preparation and many other tasks. Kitchen designers are often asked if there is a ‘best type’ of kitchen sink but the answer to this is more about what you need from your sink and … Continued

Get creative with your storage

Aside from the basics of cooking and cleaning, the most important job of the kitchen is to store equipment. From tins of food to appliances, cleaning materials to baking bowls, the storage demands on a kitchen are always high. Sometimes this requires creative and novel solutions to make the most of the space you have … Continued

Summer recipes

Summer is the time of sunshine and showers, so it never hurts to prepare for both when considering your summer recipes. It also means that spending as little time at the cooker as possible is always a good thing, so here are some simple summer recipes that can work indoors or outdoors and require only … Continued

Is a dishwasher a good idea?

One of the modern appliances that has found its way into many people’s homes is the dishwasher. For some, they are a lifesaver that clears away a big source of arguments and untidiness in the kitchen. But for those who don’t have them, they are an unnecessary waste of electricity and space. So, what are … Continued

Preparing your kitchen for summer

With summer finally around the corner, now is a great time to prepare your kitchen for the jobs required of it during the warmer months. It can also be the ideal time to do some DIY and freshen up the space after the long dark winter.

Top gadgets you don’t need but should have

There are several things that a kitchen must have, such as a cooker, fridge freezer, pots and pans, utensils and crockery. Then there are the gadgets that you don’t need as such but that you should have. These can make your kitchen smarter, your life easier or are just plain good fun.

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