Planning a Kitchen Layout

What should you consider when deciding on a new layout for your kitchen? Kitchen technology and designs have really changed over the years. The chances are if you haven’t changed or updated your kitchen in a while the opportunities to implement a fresh new design of a kitchen in your home, you will be amazed … Continued

White Goods and Gadgets in the kitchen

Just how do you keep those worktops clutter free?   If you have a utility room, then it’s likely you will use it to situate your washing machine and tumble dryer. However sometimes it may be necessary to have these items in the main kitchen area. That’s OK though, as these items can of course … Continued

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting can really transform the look of your kitchen. It’s important when designing your kitchen to facilitate ideas for the mood you wish to create for the look of your kitchen.   Lighting can be used in many different areas of this important room It can creatively style in a way that reflects the … Continued

Our new showroom is really taking shape

If you haven’t paid us a visit yet or booked an appointment then please get in touch. We recently held a cooking demonstration in our new showroom in St John’s Street, Coleford during the Faddle Fair. It was a great day but we appreciate it was limited to the people that were able to make … Continued

Come and see us during the Faddle Fair on 6th May

Sneak Preview with Cookery Demonstration We are excited to announce that on the 6th of May we are going to be having a sneak preview opening to show some of our beautiful kitchens.   We will also be having a cooking demonstration by an expert from Siemens. The cooking demonstration will be showing different styles of cooking … Continued

Spring in the Kitchen!

Well it looks like spring is finally about to arrive! Most people would agree that it’s been a really long Winter with lots more snow than we usually have. So, to finally see some sun is refreshing and invigorating. It’s time to think about Spring in the kitchen. You may be thinking about recipes that … Continued

Are you looking for a modern kitchen?

It seems that many of the kitchen designers now are creating some unique ideas and styles. So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different and a more modern style of kitchen then we can certainly help. Leicht kitchens not only offer handleless kitchens and traditional style but as we talk about here a … Continued

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can be useful, convenient and practical when you have a kitchen that has the space to facilitate. They enable the kitchen to have many items close at hand and provide stunning overall look. Kitchen islands come in different shapes and sizes and as with all our kitchens they are always bespoke to the … Continued

Leicht Kitchens – Plus X Award

Leicht Kitchens are one of the top manufacturers of kitchens in the world. They recently won the Plus X award for the most innovative brand. The award was achieved for the global kitchen design competition and won the 1st place worldwide section. The Plus X award celebrates brands of the highest quality. It awards for … Continued

High Tech in the kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets It seems that high-tech is really making its way into the kitchen. There are already a multitude of gadgets available throughout the home with the specific purpose of making our lives easier. You may already have seen Bluetooth scales and Bluetooth toothbrushes in the bathroom and now it is time to welcome many … Continued

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